LA VIDA® have been recognized for the techniques and knowledge in the semi-permanent make-up artistry in Singapore. Our brow artists are trained with the eye for golden ratio; marrying beauty and trend giving the perfect balance. We offer services such as microblading, 3D eyebrow embroidery and misty eyebrow embroidery. Every hand-embroidered stroke has a unique technique customised to achieve the desired style.

misty eyebrow singapore



The little black dress; A brow embroidery staple for all who stays on point, hassle & smudgefree life.

Deluxe Creative

Stage it well; hair strokes are crafted in the natural growth direction giving you the perfect precision strain where you never know it should be.

Floating Flattery

The elegant; our Floating Flattery an artisanal skill gives you a lighter and fine looking brows.

Ombré Lush

Soft like velvet; Give your brows that soft and velvety look, a fuller fluff with movement than basic filled-in brows.

Regenerating Brows

Let it grow; Crowned The Best Brow Construction of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore SPA awards. Need us say more…. Yes it’s eyebrow embroidery. Yes it’s hair growth. It’s the beauty of having the best of both where you get your brows tattooed yet kept natural with the magic of growth.


Timeless Classic Bar
Never out of style; some may call this the beginner or starter bar. But this allow you to build your liner in many ways imaginable. It never grows old.

Ombré Misty
All in control; Start off with a strong stroke and fan out like mist at the end. A feather softness from the basic cat eye, gives the brightness to your eye with a touch of romantic dreaminess.

Top Lash invisible Liner
Give that effortless look; a thin line along your lash line and in between your lashes with just that right amount can make your eyes sparkle.

Bottom Lash invisible Liner
Line your Bottom; pair your top with the bottom. This would bring out the rim around your iris more, giving that bright eyes look.

Korean Liner
Double up; 짱! Let your Star quality shine with the Korean style double up liner and just maybe a Korean style romance awaits.


Be lips ready anytime, uneven colouring, pale, dark or even being too thin. We will make them go away with the touch of our LA VIDA® aesthetician magic; having the right shade and pout will take years off instantly.

Colour glaze
Pick your shade as we work our magic giving you the “ever-lusting” lips you always wanted.

Juicy Shine
Gloss for summer; A little shine never hurt nobody. Give your lips the gloss effect, a fuller dimension without the tackiness.

Defining Lips
Making it right; correcting uneven, uncompleted lip line or thin lips adding a little fullness to the shape of your lips.


Flawless Glow BB shine
No filter needed; pore-less, glowing and radiant is no longer digital. This gives you the rejuvenation and instant skin brightening effect with no downtime.

The Gift of Light
Inside Out; harnessing the energy of light with the given wavelength, your skin will convert that energy into fuel which your cell uses to produce collagen and elastin. The aftermath would be, plumped up complexion with new collagen that pushes the folds of wrinkles out. While new elastin helps in tightening
skin and giving it the additional elasticity.