Timeless Classic Bar

Never out of style; some may call this the beginner or starter bar. But this allow you to build your liner in many ways imaginable. It never grows old.

Ombré Misty

All in control; Start off with a strong stroke and fan out like mist at the end. A feather softness from the basic cat eye, gives the brightness to your eye with a touch of romantic dreaminess.

Top Lash invisible Liner

Give that effortless look; a thin line along your lash line and in between your lashes with just that right amount can make your eyes sparkle.

Bottom Lash invisible Liner

Line your Bottom; pair your top with the bottom. This would bring out the rim around your iris more, giving that bright eyes look.

Korean Liner

Double up; 짱! Let your Star quality shine with the Korean style double up liner and just maybe a Korean style romance awaits.