What  Are The Benefits Of Being A Lavida Ambassador?

  • Packages featuring the latest Lavida favorites..
  • 30% Discount on any additional Lavida merchandise of your choice
  • First dibs on new merchandise
  • Promotion via social media and website
  • Ambassadors will also have great earning potential. Once you share your exclusive discount code, every time the code is used on lavida.com.sg – you’ll earn a percentage of total purchases for as long as you remain a Lavida Ambassador!

What  Would You Do As A Lavida Ambassador?

  • Post quality photo or video to your social media feed of you wearing Lavida. Images and image tags must live on your social grid on your social channels at minimum of 4 times per month (approx 1 time per week).
  • Be a contributing writer/featured content on the Lavida blog and social platforms sharing your fashion inspirations and original content
  • If you have a blog, post at least once a month throughout the duration of program on behalf of Lavida
  • Engage with followers and answer questions about the brand.
  • Be willing to learn and educate your followers on the Lavida product offering and seasonal collections.
  • Share links to our website including sharing your unique and exclusive discount code.
  • Provide feedback on the items gifted to you regarding their wear & tear, functionality, comments from others and any suggestions

            *Duties are subject to change over time as the Ambassador Program grows.

To be considered for the Donna Beauty ambassadorship, please submit the following:

Full Name:
Social and outreach links:
Personal website and Social Media Handles:
How did you hear about the Lavida Ambassador program?

Please submit a short essay on why you would make an excellent Lavida Ambassador focusing on the following points:

  1. Why are you interested in becoming a Lavida Ambassador?
  2. Which amazing qualities of yours would make you a great Lavida ambassador?
  3. Please describe your social platform and engagement audience?
  4. What are your passions, the things that motivate and inspire you?
  5. Tell us what your top 5 Lavida picks would be and why
  6. Describe Lavida in 1 sentence
  7. How would you promote our products?


EMAIL marketing@donnabeauty.com.sg with your completed application.

** Please note all social media platforms must be PUBLIC for consideration.