LA VIDA® has been recognized as a market pioneer for our techniques and knowledge in the industry. Within a Victorian-style concept outlet, every detail is carefully curated to allow the customer to experience royalty-like luxury while we transform beauty into reality.

Understanding the importance of a pair of suitable brows, we go through strict process in selecting the best brow artists based on 2 key factors.

  1. Designer’s eye: We ensure that every brow artist is able to design brows that flatters your unique feature.
  2. Experienced skillset: After designing the brows, comes the most important part of setting it in place. Our skilled brow artist is trained to perfect every embroidered stroke.

At LA VIDA®, we take it even further to ensure that the products we bring in are safe, certified and no discoloration over time.

During the years of establishment, we have never wavered from our belief in bringing affordable luxury to your convenience.


Great work on the eyebrows

“My eyebrows are so nicely done and suits me.”

Perfect for my anniversary dinner

“Lavida really knows what I want, perfect for my anniversary dinner with hubby.”

I love it!

“The Lavida staff really knows how to do their work!”