3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

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Always running late in the mornings with little time left for your make-up routine? Save precious time by waking up to picture-perfect brows and lashes.

Getting impeccably framed eyes! Every minute counts when you just want more sleep. Don’t lose time drawing your brows every morning by getting eyebrow embroidery done. Put life back into your lashes and brows. This is where semi-permanent dye is inked onto your skin using feathery strokes to simulate natural hair, filling sparser spots on your brows.


 img-20160705-wa0008-copy Eyebrow Embroidery at LA VIDA™ – The Art of Brow Specialist is artfully executed with certified safe colors and new blades for each session, so you’re assured of a job well done and adherence to strict hygiene procedures. Now you can frame your face perfectly with LA VIDA™ Proprietary and Signature Regenerating Brow – for Eyes that Make a Statement! Regenerating Brow gives a natural look to your eyebrows. The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes creating the most natural brows.


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3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery FAQ

  • How to maintain your brows after eyebrow embroidery
  • Use a cotton bud to cleanse your eyebrows and the surrounding areas.
  • Apply the cream on your brows twice a day.
  • Once in the morning & once at night.
  • No prolonged contact with water for 7 days.
  • No swimming, sauna or steam baths for 2 weeks.
  • No facials for at least 2 weeks.
  • Avoid any vigorous exercise and perspiration.
  • Do not directly expose your eyebrows to the sun.
  • Avoid using makeup and skincare products on and around the treatment area for at least 2 weeks.
  • What to take note AFTER Eyebrow Embroidery?
  • Avoid brows from touching water or excessive sweating. Pat dry your brows if your brows are sweaty and after washing your face.
  • There will be a recovery time period, usually 3-7 days the skin dries up and scabs will start to peel off. Apply antiseptic cream to prevent the skin from falling off too quickly. The slower the scab falls off the better. All these depends on individual skin, some will peel more, some will scab more, some thicker, while some thinner than others.
  • After the scab falls off, colour normally can fade 20 % – 50%. Sometimes more but this is very normal so not worry. Hence the reason for a 2nd touch up as it is necessary. This fading happens because each person’s metabolism, skin type, ages, oily skin, skin healing rate…etc are different.
  • Colour absorption also varies on skin type. Some skin takes on the colour better than others or some skin tend to peel more than others. Do not worry if after the first treatment, your brows look a little patchy or have some empty/faded parts because that can be fixed easily during your touch up session.
  • Touch up can only be done after the skin regeneration renewal process which takes 28 days. It is normal that the first colouring session becomes lighter. During touch up, post-secondary
  • complementary colour adjustment will be done! The first session was always to test the degree of skin colour absorption and the shape. While the second time is for enhancing the colour and adjust the shape if needed.