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La Vida Singapore – The Art of Perfect Brow Specialist.

They provide their clients with the best skin care and eyebrow services consultation.

Right now, La Vida Singapore operates a chain of 3 Brows, Lash and Wellness outlets.

  1. Bedok Mall, #01­27     Tel: 63843218
  2. City Vibe Clementi, #01­09/10     Tel: 67747372
  3. Bukit Panjang Plaza, #03­12    Tel: 6465 4491
  4. AMK Hub, #B1­24     Tel: 64815484
  5. Compass One, #04­23     Tel: 63862585

Other than cosmetic artistry like eyebrow shaping, eyebrow designing, lip & brow embroidery, La Vida also offers luxurious Spa Treatments, Facial, Hair reduction (IPL) and also slimming treatments   too!

I popped by to one of their beauty outlet at Bedok Mall recently to get myself a new set of eyelashes extension. Having eyelashes extension done really can save up a lot of time, especially for lazy people like me. Believe me or not, I spend less than 10 minutes to get my makeup done before heading off to work. I’ve no worries about smudges of my eyeliners and mascaras anymore.


Arrived at La Vida’s doorstep, their staffs greeted me with a wide smile, guiding me into their shop and ask for my preferred service. While they are getting their room prepared, I was “loitering” around in their shop to get some photos taken

La Vida was brightly lit, with white wallpaper­lined interior. Which portrays a very clean and comfortable environment.

Customers will get their eyebrows trimmed at this corner. As you can see, La Vida’s staffs kept their equipment organize and area clean.


When the room are done, the staff guided me to into a cozy little room. It’s a little small, but comfortable enough.

The process takes about 2 hours, so make sure you are comfortable and it’s also good for a short nap too.

After confirming my comfortability, Cindy, Beautician of La Vida, than proceed with the service.


When an inexperience professional applies lashes, he or she often applies one synthetic lash to three or four natural lashes, causing clumps or the lash to break and fall out. Also, if they didn’t apply adequate amount of glue, the lashes would not stay as well. They might eventually start to fall of maybe after one or two   days.

Excessive glue applied can also cause harm to your natural lashes, getting them clump together will weaken the natural lash, and eventually, it will fall off together with the synthetic lashes.

In addition, if your try to pick at your lashes or try to pull them out yourself, your lashes might fall out, which is a big no­no. Your lashes should stay intact if you avoid these two problem.

Also, the procedures during lash removals are also very important. You do not wish that your natural lashes to   be coming out with the synthetic lash right? So it is also important to be ultra-gentle during the process of   removal as rough tugging can cause your natural lashes to fall off together. Do you know if the products the salons are using isn’t tested properly, it can cause allergic reactions or worse! La Vida assure that they use top­notch certified safe products for all customers. They even have strict hygiene procedures to   follow!

Cindy was very careful and particular with each step and doesn’t rush through like some other salons that I have been to before. Because of the sensitive nature of the lashes and the surrounding area of my eye, finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes is definitely very important for me. I believe all of you will too!

Professionals use professional products and have been properly trained to apply the lashes without damaging your natural lashes or more importantly, your eyes. So it’s really important to find someone who you can entrust fully to!

Well, I needed my previous left over to be removed. Please please do not do it the unprofessional way which I tried before in the past. I actually “pluck” every single strand that was left over after a month or so, and guess what. My natural lashes fell off together and ended up balding my eye. You know, I actually felt super   naked.

That was really a lesson learnt, and it took quite a while for my lashes to grow back.


I was lucky, my natural lash was originally considered long. Just apply some mascara will do. BUT, NO ~ it is just so time consuming, & I still have to curl them every time when I applied Mascara. Give me a break! These pictures below are my natural lashes after removal. Tahdah! Thanks to Cindy, my natural lashes are still intact!

(Sorry, please bear with me. The quality of the photos wasn’t that good.)


Because of my hectic work schedule, I am always very restless and lethargic. I just can’t seem to be getting enough of rest. Another plus point for having lashes done! My eyes won’t look so tired even without make up   on.

For myself, I prefer longer lashes, but not too dramatic. Cindy had chosen Silk lashes as it will be more natural because the curl tends to be less uniform. They are the mid­weight type of lash extensions, which are more flexible and fine compared to synthetic types. Silk lashes come in a variety of curls and lengths as well. For people with weaker or flimsy natural lashes, silk lashes can be a good choice because of their lightweight. Also, the lashes are thicker and richer in color.

One side done! Just look at the difference & yes, single strand of lashes extension is so much easier to manage and maintain for me. Maybe I’m more fussy kind. I actually combed my lashes every day, I’m serious. Even if strands of lashes drop off in between, it will not be too obvious like how cluster kinds are.



No No, It’s not too thick. & it’s not heavy. It really looks natural. This is what I meant on the earlier part about “their curls are less uniform”. If you can see, the curls of the lashes are not dead. It actually kind of follow the pattern of your natural lashes.




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Eye lashes extension normally last you for about 2­3 weeks before a touch up is needed. This really depends on how you look after them.

Some shameless selfie after the session!

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