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Hello readers, I just did my eyebrow embroidery again.
Yes, I used AGAIN as the previous job didn’t last me long enough~~
The shape of the previous also turned ugly..
I was really lucky to find help from the eyebrow specialist, Kris.
Kris really did a good job for my eyebrows so less talking and more photos!

Before getting my eyebrow embroidery done..
Messy eyebrow and colour faded away~~
You can’t really tell from the photo but it’s really messy in reality!
The sofa seat was so SHIOK! I actually fell asleep during the session.
La Vida also provide us blanket which a lot places don’t do that.
So thoughtful of them!
Kris even show me the new “knife/needle” are sealed in a packaging.

After Kris drew my right eyebrow.
She asked me how I want the shape to be.
She’s very patient while I kept making changes.

Kris starting to do my eyebrow, right after this photo…
I fell asleep. Too tired and painless.

Woke up with a new pretty brow!
How can Kris do my brow so perfectly and painlessly!

After completing both side of my brows!!!
Chio right?! I’m in love with them~~

Day 3 of eyebrow embroidery.
You can see the front part of my eyebrows peeling off.
Definitely you will feel itchy during the healing period, I find it bearable.

Day 11.

Skin had totally healed. Finally makeup on!
Wow. The eyebrows really suit my face well~~

Finding the right eyebrow shape is really important.
You can look really lovely, fierce, tired and many more..
Thank you Kris for doing the right shape for me.


For those that are interested in getting your eyebrows done, kindly refer to the details below.
Hotline: +65 6774 7372

Address: Cityvibe @ Clementi (Eyebrow only)
3151 Commonwealth Ave West,
Singapore 129581
Unit no: #01-09/10

I will be introducing the outlet on my next visit for the touch up!
So for those that are keen, you can visit their website for more details.

Credits to Blogger Chuah Bee Ling



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