Blogger Chuah Bee Ling has two reviews – one eyebrow embroidery and one eyelash extension


Had you read my review regarding my eyebrow embroidery @ LA VIDA?
Other than facing messy eyebrows, I also experienced dead fish eyes.
I’m always looking like I haven’t sleep for years.
Wanted to do eyelash extension but can’t find the right time and right person to do it.
La Vida offered to help me solve all the problems I was facing.


My naked face without any makeup.
I’m wearing my contact lens, I look really ugly without them.

After 1 hour of waiting game, my eyes look really pretty!
No redness at all. Too comfortable that I slept again.. Hehe~

All my colleagues and friends love how natural it look.
They thought it was my natural eyelash.

I don’t have to worry about wearing full face helmet anymore!
I find it really boyish whenever my nose and mouth got covered up.
Now, others will knows it’s a GIRL!

Some people might have concern that having extension on will be troublesome.
TBH, NO. I find it alright for me.
As I don’t like to rub my eyes and I still can wash my eyes area.
Just that I have to more gentle with them.
Try it yourself!!

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Credits to Blogger Chuah Bee Ling

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